Sunday, 2 August 2009

August has arrived.

Currently listening to the song 'how do you sleep' by Jesse McCartney.

Amazingly how time flies pass. This time last year i was well excited to be back in Malaysia to see my family and friends. This time now... I wish i was back in England enjoying the moments once again with my friends back there. Well we can't have everything rite? or can we?

I look back on those days when i was back in Leeds. I look and i see a different me. Over the pass year i have tremendously changed. I have experienced heartbreak, arguments, heart sick, likes, dislikes, true friendships, friendships, false friendships, happiness, loneliness and gained a lot of knowledge, friends and maturity. I see a new me now... a me i like. =)

I'm really getting to the working life now... I manage to balance my time well and don't feel tired all the time. I have learn how to have a life with work in it. Obviously i have my ups and downs... everyone does. No one is bubbly all the time.

It's time for me to start saving now... I'm traveling to the UK in April 2010... gotta get the dosh to spend. =)
sooo chic - I like. =)
Paradise here i come! Whoop!
I hope i get the chance to complete my task tomorrow... I wish to start of the week with all my outfits in order.. and the non existence of waking up in the morning having to think of what to throw on.

Au Revior xxx

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