Sunday, 16 August 2009

Falling for you.

Currently listening to 'falling for you' by Colbie Cailiat - love it. you guys should check the song out. Was out at Waikiki Bar last night, it was okay. the music was quite good actually but the crowd not so much my type.

Been long since i last updated the blog... I think only when i feel like typing something i will update it. If i don't feel like it. I think the blog post won't be as interesting. Just recalling back to my last post that im going on holiday to the beach, i was wrong they didn't have any rooms. Well i guess the next chance to go is when my sis is back. Wopeee. I'll be checking out the destination and hotel rooms today. Speaking of which... i need to hurry up and book my flight to England.

Right so im now off to get some lunch.. Im starving.
Till my next update, take care everyone!

Just for memory purposes - the other night i went to One U for G.I Joe and went to 'new york new york deli' soooo scrumpcious! I also tried out the Hoegaaden German White Beer. Have a look at the picx.

I absolutely loved their Menu.. Very sophisticated and chic.

My Pink Inc. DrinkLovely sunshine for Nick

Beefeater sandwich for yours truly

Chicken chop for Nick

The huge pint of German Beer

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