Thursday, 20 August 2009

It is getting serious

The AH1N1 virus is getting very serious... I urge all that are unwell to stay at home and get better. Doing so will unsure not getting other people infected with the virus. So please take good care of yourselves and keep hydrated.

Sometimes I really wish Malaysia has four season like most countries. Due the fact that we don't, we're unable to dress up according to seasons! damn it. lol Im really missing the days in England when i was wearing my boots, coats and hats. Nvm it's ok.. i will do it when it comes to next year April..

Look at the lovely fashion!!! gosh....

Anyways. this is just a short update as i felt like typing.. haha Enjoy your weekends peeps! and happy fasting to all my muslim friends!

Take care peeps! xxxx

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