Wednesday, 26 August 2009

mid year hairstyle change?

I've been contemplating over the pass few days on whether i want to cut my hair. Reasons: Its a mess now, its getting irritating to style, feel like getting a short but chic haircut.

I think i'll go for a haircut... at the same place i got it done before the last. The last haircut was done in KLCC with my mum. They didn't really do a great job but i learned to work it. haha. This time around i think i dont want much chopped off. just slightly above the neck and shaped nicely. Will keep you posted if i do get to do it. haha. I may get it coloured too. =) *thinks deeply on the price this is gonna make in my pocket*

4 weeks till i get to see my niece! wopppeee! which reminds me i still haven't found a place to go holiday with sis and niece. Damn. haha. Im thinking of going to either cherating/langkawi/penang? coz tioman, redang, perhentian and lang tengah are closed in october for the monsoon season. DAMN it..

Definately will be making a trip down to singapore i believe/hope. hehe.

I'll be going to watch Orphan and Tropicana City tomorrow night. Hope its gonna be a good movie. hehe. Also, im thinking on whether the head up the hill for the long weekend coming up due to merdeka celebrations. I wonder... will Malaysian be wearing 'masks' to protect themselves from AH1N1? *wonders*

Was out for dinner and chill out session with Charmaine and Jess. Mille couldn't make it =(

Tonight's weather has been.... wet.

Alright. Time to sign off. Happy Merdeka to ALL! ONE MALAYSIA!

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Sabrina said...

OMG! sorry for the language/spelling mistakes!!