Thursday, 17 September 2009

Breaking fast at Siti's house.

On Monday, we were invited over to kak siti's place for a breaking fast feast. Unfortunately, on that day Steph couldn't make it due to some unforeseen circumstances. But we continued on with a slight unhappiness to the fact that steph was not with us.

Kak Siti made delicious Mee Curry, Nasi Tomato, Chicken in spicy/sweet sauce... while Kak Wahida made potato salad. There were some kuih's there along with this delicious chocolate cake made by Azura.

On that day as well, it was my first time wearing the malay traditional clothes called 'baju kurung'. It was a great experience wearing it, i had to talk properly as to not trip and fall. haha. Its difficult getting in and out of cars.

Its almost Raya now... so everybody is in a holiday mood due to the long weekend ahead! 4 days of relaxation!

Azura and me!

Yummy choc cake!

Me and Alan.. with a big teddy bear

Alan and Azura with their bears

Nasi Tomato

Alan with his potato salad

The curry mee

Kuih Muih

What's that in my hand? Guess!!
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Alrite... time to go.. take care everyone! xx

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