Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I bid good day to all

Helloooo September! This month brings reunions/gatherings, a wedding to attend, Hari Raya and the most treasured and awaiting day of the year.... I get to see my niece for the very first time come September 28th!

Now.. let's hope September brings joy to my life - work and personal. I believe all the American TV programmes are starting back up again! Whoop! Here i come Gossip Girl, desperate housewives and my beloved grey's...

I wonder on whether to go for the MLTR concert this Saturday... Would be great considering I've never been to a concert before. But we'll see... hehe. i may just spend the money on something else.

Moving on, few weeks ago we had a farewell dinner for one of our colleagues - Eunice. She's leaving to for another job in some advertising company located in K.L. I wish you all the best Eunice and do keep in touch.

Bye bye Eunice...

That's all folks! xx

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