Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My Raya Break before the trouble

On Saturday, Justina and i headed over to mid valley for some shopping and a movie as well. We watched 'The Ugly Truth' it was GOOD. i loved it haha. also because Gerard Butler was in it.

After that we headed back to my place for a sleepover! hehe. I loved it, we had booze and watched dvd's. Great night with justina. and then the next morning we went out for 'dim sum'.

Went over to Fazee's house for her open house, had scrumptious rendang, lemang, ketupat, satay, beef and chicken floss, and 'cuscus?' Along with the raya cookies and treats. Yumz. Anyways. enjoy the pictures.
Back to work tomorrow! Lets hope that this week will be a great one! and lets pray that my car will be fixed ASAP! Alright then. have a good week peeps! Good nite.

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