Thursday, 10 September 2009

Grey Zombie....

Dudududu. last weekend was spent on a marathon. A marathon on Grey's.. Morning wake up, shower, brush teeth, get something to eat, watch grey's until night then sleep. Was throughout the whole weekend. Whoop. I think i'll watch grey's over and over again. its somewhat like OC. a rewatchable series.

Update... I did cut my hair last weekend. Though i do think that the fringe is too short. Either way... hair will grow. Went to visit Taylor's new campus today - gosh it made me wanna return to uni again. The campus is AMAZingggg...

Ohhh.. and i met up with rehka today. been like 2 years since i last saw her? we should meet up again rehka... talk about the good old days back in college! Met up as well with wei's and steph at Chilis last nite. Good times good times.

Me and wei wei

Me and stephyyyy

Hot chocolate molten cake

Stephy's chicken thingy

My 'chicken bacon sandwich'

Another Stephyyy, me and rehka

ME and Rehka... buddies that haven't met like for 1000000 years

Right that's all... xx

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