Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Can't you measure emoness?

From traffic to work to health.. today seriously... is not my farking day.

my attitude tonight is very different from my post earlier this morning. I doubt its tiredness.. I'm sick of floating. I wanna be grounded. grounded in my personal and working life. urgh. So need to do something about it soon.

I dint understand how one person can come into a ok going life and just jumble it up within seconds... i mean? seriously? are you really serious abt what you just said?

the saying goes these days like this. FML. full stop. the end. if you don't know what the abbreviation is, look it up.

Sometimes... you just gotta SCREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM to get it out of your system!

Phew. ok.
Let me take this opportunity now to apologise to all my readers for ranting nonsense but seriously i needed to let it all out!

And thanks to those who listened via facebook msg and on the phone. it really helped.

I sleep tonight with a weight of emotions lifted off my shoulders... and tonight i'll sleep peacefully.

Waking up tomorrow with a positive attitude is bound to help.

Cheers! Have a good night rest and happy Wednesday!


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