Sunday, 4 April 2010

Back to work tomorrow.

Was in KB over the weekend for qing ming... Drove down to KB on Friday afternoon... we arrived.. at 12.10am on Saturday morning. total hours of driving... 7 hours.. parents decided that they will drive back later in the week.. so the children (me and my bro) had to take the flight back today. We arrived home about 3.30pm. It was a good weekend. got to see the family.. and got to do my hair as well! =)

Moving on.. tomorrow marks another new week for us... Let's hope its a good work week. My mum flies off to the UK on Friday for THREE months. Man.. gonna miss her. I hope we'll all be ok without the person running the household! urgh.

I'm gonna try and save some $$ this month... hopefully it will be a success.. I'm a bit bummed out that i wasn't able to meet up with Nick and Kevin today. (they are down from Singapore) It's a bummer coz.. its been awhile since we last saw each other. but never the less. i'll be visiting them sometime soon in sg.

Okay.. that's all my ranting for today. unfortunately i didn't take any pictures in KB. No idea why.. hahaha.. i didn't think it was appropriate to take pictures at the graveyard for some reason. better luck next time! =)

Till me next update. night world! Let's all have a great week!


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