Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cookie Mania!

Decided to bake some cookies today...... my guinea pigs thought it was too soft though? like bread? weird.

Just got back from Ikea actually. hehe. i'm doing my second job to get some cash which is Interior designer. haha. don't worry.... its not any external party.. it's my dad's place. hehe.

Yesterday was Renee's 1st birthday.... i wish i could have been there... unfortunately... i wasn't. Me and my bro got her a paddling pool for her first birthday... and she has been in it already! haha. Hope she liked it....

At two months old.

hehe. what did grandma do to you?

Cheeky girl - October 2009hehe. February 2010

Happy Birthday Renee! Auntie Sabrina misses and Loves you very much!

Ingredients: Check!

Recipe: Check!
Mixture: check!Pop them into the oven!

Out of the oven.
Left to cool
Ready to serve
and placed into an air tight container!
The rain helped slightly in making the day cool.
Urgh.. it's monday tomorrow.... and frankly.. not looking forward to going to work this week.. due to the recent move of offices.... Also another fact is that i'll be having training on wednesday and thursday. just perfect. Plus point! I will be on leave on Friday! Whoop!

Anywayz... have a good work week peeps! xoxo

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