Sunday, 17 April 2011

The first themed birthday party of the year..

So it was Mun's birthday on April 5th... but Bow organised a birthday party on the saturday night before that... It wasn't a surprise but there was a surprise.. See this wei wei had told everyone that she was going off to Switzerland for 6 months... and not returning ever during that time. but boy was everyone surprised to see her on that day. hehehe =D 

Anyway moving on.. explaining the title of this post... so the theme for the night was checkered.. Anything or everything checkered and anyone not going by the rules had to at the end.. wear a bikini. obviously all complied and it was indeed a great night out... The venue? Bakita @ Changkat. 

Enough of the explanations and words.. enjoy the pictures and have a great remaining Sunday night.. be happy peeps.. it's another few hours till Monday! =) 

Pictures compilation frm Mun's camera and Wei's. 

It was a great night. =) xoxo

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