Saturday, 23 April 2011

Second Home

Just gonna pop up an update before heading out tonight. =) it's a short one... 

So we headed up to Genting on a Friday night - thankfully after working hour rush. Me and Wei headed to Gohtong first to dump all the necessary and set up the laptop and speakers for a epic drinking and cards session. 
After waiting for Jerry like almost 2 hours?! We headed up to First World Starbucks (where Laine, Darren and Fai were waiting) for a drink (YC session) before heading back down again to Gohtong to continue the night.

After reaching Gohtong, the party began.. ww brought up 2 bottles of vodka and i accompanied it with Mr. Jack. Playing the pyramid card game was intense... after which... we started playing the pick a card with a rule game. Followed by an number game and an action game. haha the last two were new ones to me (will be sharing with other friends when it comes to the time). 

Victim that got trashed that night ---- yours truly. Was so wasted it was beyond my control of what i was saying. Though i have to give credit to myself... I do remember some parts of the night with ww never failing to remind me over the past few days.  

The next day we got up like at 1030am? coz wei was talking to me sheesh... wanted to get back to sleep but couldn't damn. watched a bit of TV and then went back to sleep until 3pm!! haha. 

Went back down to KL - reaching about 5ish.. had some 'light' LATE lunch and then headed home to get ready for dinner with laine and another night out (but at a different location). Stay tuned to the next update for that. 

But for now... only two pictures from Gohtong... 

Time to party!!! Happy Saturday night peeps! 


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