Sunday, 3 April 2011

Post No. 400

This post marks number 400 postings i've done over the years beginning in 2007. 

Moving on.... 

Decided to organise a meet up with the highschool  mates since it's been awhile and that Joong is back in town! =) We (the girls) decided to have dinner at the Apartment however being that Malones and the Apartment are somewhat.... partners? lol i dont know the word.. we had food from Malones and drinks from the Apartment. Following after dinner we went to the Library for some drinks (Round 1 for me) - the boys joined us after that. Too bad i didnt take any pictures. damn. 

After catching up and such - i had to dash as i was gonna meet weis and the rest at Velvet (the usual Saturday night place). 

There's only a few pictures... Do enjoy. 

And now... its time to go for a SPA, Movie with the BF and friend, Dinners.. and then i am off to see the doctor.... Totally sick..... 

Happy Sunday peeps! 

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