Friday, 18 May 2007


Hello there...

I think i've got the hang of blogging now... With my chatterbox up, those who visit do say something. hehe.

Anyway as from the previous post i told you peeps that i've been shopping lately and my mother is saying to me now.. 'NO MORE SHOPPING YOUNG LADY!' Ahhh... what am i going to do?? no shopping?? hahaha. nah. i'm not really bothered about that..

So today's post is about how i went to the bullring... now reading and saying that word 'bullring' would make me think that i was going to a BULL RING.. you know.. where bull run around attacking that red cloth thing? but no... a whole different scenario i was in store for. Pictures will be up on what i'm talking about.

Tonight is my sister's Hen night at the comedy club.. so lots of laughs is in store for me! hahaha. i will ofcourse be bringing my camera and i can't wait for tonight. In awhile i'll be heading over to the park near my sister's place for a walk with my mother. Walking in England is totally different from walking in Malaysia. Here in England you get to enjoy fresh air and you don't break a sweat often... haha. In Malaysia however it's like.... wah.. one sec outside walking in you feel like taking a shower already!

Anyway... i'll be going down to Manchester this sunday with my family for my cousin's baby Christianing. lol... Also i guess to visit my mother side of the family over there... yea my mother is from Salfold, Manchester and yea the whole family are ManU fans and not shitty city fans (ManC)! (Steph i know you Chelsea fan.... no need comment here kay? XD)

I will be visiting my future university when i'm here which is Leeds Metropolitan University *Can't wait!*. Taking loads of pictures there too.

All i have to say is stay tuned for more information on my holiday here and do leave a comment or two! =D Alrights i'm off now. Mum is shouting from downstairs to go for our walk. i'll add the pics in when i get back.

I'm back from my walk in the park... what a lovely walk it was... lol... i'll be walking there again tomorrow so i'll take pictures tomorrow. I'll be adding pictures of the bull ring now. lol

The Church at Bull Ring

The bubble lookalike whale thing at Bull Ring

It's me infront of the Church

Same thing... infront of the Church but at a higher position!

And here is the closest thing i got to a bull? lol

Bull Ring - it's actually a shopping mall!! lol. okay then... off i go... Can't wait for tonight!

Take Care peeps and do comment lar!