Saturday, 26 May 2007

BBQ, Bath, Leeds and Blackpool!

It's Me!!! sorry i didn't update! i'm back.... Very very very.... long post ahead.

Just incase you all forgot how i look... here's a snap of me! lol

Hiya all, soooo sorry about not updating for a long time. haha. i was busy! but i manage to squeeze in this morning to quickly write about the few things i've been doing these couple of days.

First of all, the BBQ we had in the back garden of my sister's place. Haha what i wonderful day it was and my future brother in-law wanted to surprise my sis with a BBQ instead of her cooking meatballs for dinner! So that day we went to this butcher place near by and it was close, then we went to another one and it was close too.. so where do you go next?? Tesco! the Foo family favorite place to go! LOL.... the reason for this is because? it's a three min walk to Tesco's from my sister's place -_-... hahhaa. Anywho! my sister was surprised! the atmosphere of having a lovely delicious bbq in this kind of weather! gosh!! it was amazing and fun! i made my potato salad yet again!

Here are some pics!

Me eating my famous potato salad! lol... perasannya....A pic of a happy family! lol

Raspberry Cheesecake and cream with.. wine.. (the wine wasn't mine)

Me drinking beer.... nah it wasn't! it was just Homemade Shandy!

Hahahahhahahhaa my bro with his WTF pose! lol

That's the end of the BBQ post.

Now moving on to Bath...

Some of you may think what the heck is Bath? lol... well i'm talking about my visit to the Roman Baths on Tuesday! It was the most nicest and interesting places i have ever been... my dad said it was one of the 7th wonders of the world... not sure whether it's true anot.. lol i'm too lazy to go check online! Here are some pics of that place... Nothing much to talk about.. it's all about history and everything so i'll let the pics tell you the story...

Mum and Dad.

The Abby in front of the Roman Baths. Me and my bro

The Roman Bath.... Its actually suppose to be clear... but... the algae grew after many many years and well.... that's why it's GREEN..

The Next day we went to Leeds to check out my University! MAN!!! was it HUGE! hahaha. its really nice and i can't wait to get there in sept to study.. lol here are some pics of the campus and accommodation (outside coz it's security is high so we can't enter.. )

The Headingly campus.

The Cafeteria Entrance to the accomodation...

Ok so after we visited Leeds we went on to up north by the cost to the World's first amusement park (Blackpool)! ofcourse we didn't go in and play coz the park closes at 6 and we were there at 4.... so waste money only! So here are some pics of Blackpool....

Pose in front of blackpool tower for the cazilion time. lol finally got a pic of it but our faces are retarded. lol Blackpool rock. lol

Me at the coast its freezing okay? but still got guts to pose... rofl..

Okays. that's about it. hope you had a NICE LONGGGG read.... lol okay gotta go now... family from Manchester is coming down so i need a shower! lol

Sister's wedding is tomorrow! WOPPEEE!! so excited! yay! okay. till nxt time. buh byeee...

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