Saturday, 19 May 2007

Hen Night @ Jongleurs!

Hi all!

This is my third blog entry, and according to becky i blog too little?? really? i thought i was doing well for a 1st time blogger! lol

Anyway... Last night was a blast at Jongleurs the comedy club, if you all want to know a little more about that place visit their website at It was great fun and a really really good laugh! And after the comedy bit there is a disco (we know it as Clubbing) session! lol

So we went there got a table that had a great view of the stage and not too close to get picked on by the comedians, hahaha the way they picked on the audience in front was extremal funny! erm... i think if you ever come to England you should head to a Jongleurs if you have a chance and to Becky, there is one in LEEDS!!! we are definately going! lol *Warning!! don't think it's appropriate for ages below 18 though*

Moving on... after we got seated there was this table beside us full of gents! lol.. they were celebrating a Bachelor night thingy for their mate and boy were they funny! lol can't really write about it on here so if those who actually read this blog and want to know. Just ask me in person and I'll tell you. After that Jane and Ann (My sister's future in-laws) came and we ate.
Few minutes later the fun began and the whole place was filled with laughter and cheers!

Here are some pictures night......

Mummy with her darlings.... hehehe

Mummy and me

Me, Sister, Jane and Ann

Okay that's about it for this entry... My Dad, Bro and Aunt will be arriving tonight... So not too sure on whether i will be updating for a bit we will see. lol

Anyways take care everyone! and do drop a comment or two!