Monday, 21 May 2007


Hiya to all!! Hows it going in the HOT HOT Malaysia?? lol.

Anyway my bro, dad and aunt arrived last night and we all hang out till late chatting about. hahaha.

This morning woke real early to get a proper English breakfast of sausage. beans and egg. mmmm yummilicious! Anyway... left birmingham around 9.00am and got to manchester around.. 11am so yea.. two hours in the car.... with four ppl sitting at the back.. numbness man!

Got to my Auntie Kay's house and waited around for a bit before walking over to the Church for the Christianing.. Can't really recognize much of my cousins and i think it must be vice versa as well.. haven't seen them for about 5 years ya know... don't blame me if i can't recognize! haha.

Anywho.. the christianing was absolutely funny! haha. there were kids (my cousin's children) making tons of noise and baby philip was an absolute cute little tiny winny bunny blue eyes cutiepie! lol. He was just sooooooo cute lar.. you see his pic later. haha

After the Christianing went to the party and ate our light lunches and just chilled.... talked to the family which i really love considering i haven't seen them for so long. i miss them already! hopefully when i go to leeds i will see them again as manchester is on the way to leeds.

Righty O, don't want to write too long just incase most of you lazy to read my blog! XD..

Enjoy the pictures!!
On the way to Manchester!
Me and my sis

Me and my bro

Me and baby PhilipClaire (my cousin), My mum and Nanna

Auntie Alison, Auntie Kay, Auntie Sandra and meBABY PHILIP!!!! THE CUTENESS

That's it folks! till nxt time! Byeeee

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