Thursday, 17 May 2007

Take off and Landing

Hey there peeps! Welcome to the first ever blog post written by yours truly, ME! The reason starting this blog up was because i wanted to keep my friends updated as well as a memory thingy for me in the future. I'm currently in the computer room of my sister's house in Birmingham, England. Two reasons for me being here is because my sister's wedding is in two weeks and also a holiday for me as i have completed my diploma education. Any who, lets begin with my journey here so far.

The train that took us to the international sector.


On the way to KLIA

Me (haha cam whoring)

Take off date: 11Th of May 2007 @ 12pm Malaysia time (5am England time)

The flight was bumpy and i was very disappointed with MAS coz we had booked our seats and according to them we didn't call but we did and i think that lady must of forgot or just was plain lazy to add our names into the system.

Anyway, we then said is it a full flight and they said no 80 % full only. So they said if you wanted we can put you separately but there will be TWO seats empty in between the other person and you. So we went for that, and guess what? the flight took off and some people were complaining about noise in the plane so they wanted to switch places. Long story short, i ended up sitting with Mum and there was an empty seat beside me and a dude at the end of the row. lol.

Own personal airplane T.V ( i have to say they've improved on this)

Landing date: 11th May 2007 (6.30pm England Time) 12th May 2007 (11 am Malaysian time)

Me looking all sleepy after 13 hours and a half of TV only! lol

Its my 5th day here and I've been to many places without my camera! bugger. mainly just to town and for SHOPPING! lol

Okay then. I'm off to a ..... i don't know what's it called I'll update you all about it tomorrow ! *reminds self to bring camera this time*

Special shout out to Pang, Evon, Nat, Rehka, Wei , Becky, Fion, and Steph... 'I miss you all VERY MUCH!'

That's all folks! Till next time, take care!


*~AngeLa~*... (^^) said...

BooOoOoo...!!...I see you...!!

Anonymous said...

aLvin was here! my new business partner!!

stephanie said...

SARBINA LALALALALLAAL I MISSSSS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grabs sabbby and plants a big fat kiss* :D :D

Anonymous said...

BOO! i see you too ah lalala..

hey alvin, kononnya business partner!

i miss you too steph! hugs..

WinniE said...

hey my dear!!!haha u've got a blog dy hehe..miss u tooooo!!!haiz...remember to call me when u come back k?take more pictures!!muaks!take k