Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Back to school.... dissertation worry.

Just wanted to slip in a short update.

You know how when you was a kid at school when the teacher calls you to the office you fear of something bad that is going to happen.

I haven't had that feeling for about 4 years now..... but today i had that fear of going into my tutor's office. You know why? because i knew he was going to give me feedback on my dissertation work (so far) and it wasn't going to be good. You know why i say that? it is because i know my tutor!

He doesn't like my topics and wants my dissertation to be based on what he says. So yea... not a great day for me and I'm actually panicking now. its due next Friday.. 11000 words? think i can do it? gosh.

Well all i can do is try my best right? Try my best and hope for the best! I hope what i came up with just now and send it to him will be fine.
Anyone wants to switch places with me you can now! coz I'm opting for a different life now... but i still keep telling myself its okay. don't complain. don't stress. just do. and get it over and done with. Then you can fly off to France to see your daddy! yay! Cant wait for it to be over.

Sorry for the ranting.. just really wanted to write out my frustration... and was wondering whether anyone wants to swap with me? Lol.

Till the next update. Take care everyone.


Edit / /

I forgot to add! i just wanna scream!!!!!!!!!!! dig a hole. burry myself in it. and die.

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