Saturday, 12 April 2008

The party begins...

The satisfaction you get when you've completed something that you have had for such a long time is such a relief! yeaaa... i'm done with my dissertation, portfolio and pace. had an amazing night last night hanging out with all my mates again was and still am a very happy girl.

Plans for today : Finish ttalking to my mother ( i miss her soooo much), go for a shower, go to morissons, get lunch, get stuff for tonights dinner, go home, do an interview (for maite, cristina and edu), head over to pinky's to get started on my dinner for her.hahha yea im making her shepeard's pie.. coz shes made me two dinners already (and shes a good friend and i'll like to do sooo yea...) Anyway after that we are watching a dvd then back home i guess..haha. Thats about it.

Im going to France on MONDAY! Woop Woop! Right.. here are some pictures of myself while during dissertation stress and one last night.. ahahaha.. well enjoy and till the next time (after France) Have a good week!

So tired after writing the whole night.....

Nerdddddd... hahahaha dissertation blues and stress.

Happy! im donneeeee.. more party pics up nxt post!



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