Saturday, 5 April 2008

A unexpected call.

Hey i just thought that i pop in an update before i start off back on my dissertation. All i have to say about it is that its coming along..... so these few days im going to be writing and writing and writing till my fingers hurt from typing and my eyes hurt from being at the computer too long.

A lil of steamboat cheer with a touch of Rain's Bday!!

Ok, enough said. I think it was last week that we celebrated Rain's (Elia sister who came to visit her for about three weeks) Birthday with a steamboat dinner. Guest who attended : Birthday girl of course, Aliaa, Elia, Shaarmini, Pinky and yours truly.

Steamboat was prepared by all of us excluding Pinky as she was late but she did help us set up the table. haha. We were sooo full in the end we had to talk at the table for quite sometime before we could move. haha. So yea then we procided to Aliaa's room for some dancing time, picture time and looking at hot boys over the internet time. It was a FUN night and i really really enjoyed it.

Unexpected call...
Moving on... yesterday when i was doing my portfolio (that huge thingymagig thing for uni.. i'll take some pics and post them up soon of it) i got a ring and i was like hmmm must be Pinky... so i took my phone and looked at it... it displayed Wei Wei.... i was like 'heh! why she calling me?' then after a sec i was like 'YAY! wei wei calling me!!' hahahaa.... then i pick up and she goes 'hey, what you doing? like as if i was in Malaysia like that!' haha. i really didnt expect a call.. and i was sooo happy after that! and she make me miss her even more now... sigh.. its okay.. another 4 months.... Yup... i'll be arriving back in Kuala Lumpur on the 16th peeps! so be ready for me! haha
Anyway..... enough said... here are some pictures. Enjoy them.

Chili blend... was delicious
our meal.. steamboat.. once again it was goooddd..
Birthday Girl Rain.
Hehehe. cutting the cake
Pinky and Shaarmini
Shaarmini with birthday girl Pinky and the birthday girl
birthday girl and me..
sister love.
I dont have a pic of Aliaa and Rain... but here is a group picture.

There is actually more great pics but blogger wont let me upload them. so... you can have more looks on my facebook and friendster!

Till my Next Post. Stay Tuned and love to all! xxxxxxx

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