Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Holiday in France - 14th to 18th of April 2008

So last week i was in Nice, France for a holiday with my dad who had business there. One thing about the French that i would like to state is that they are hard to communicate with being that the only language they speak is their own. You can imagine what it was like.. not being able to communicate about what you want. sigh. but other than that language barrier including culture barrier (apparently you must say 'hallo' instead of 'excuse me' when you want to get service from a waitress) pfft. the French.. aren't they suppose to be posh? who says hallo? then again that is their culture i assume! So anyway. other than that! they guys were HAWT! haha. seriously it was like a world with hotties everywhere.

Here are some pictures not going to put up too many as you can see them all on my friendster or facebook. Enjoy the pictures.

The beach.. the sea was so blue that i think it may have been paint. Lol.

Look at this view man... gosh.... one word. [Beautiful]

Le Meridian [Hotel i stayed at]

Er. some place in Nice [we took the tram all the way to the last stop and this is what we saw]

Me and my dad a.k.a. Pa on the tram. [we look alike doncha think?]

This was some statue thing that i came across.

There was more! hehe. Yatch
Me enjoying a book and the view of the ocean.. including hotties!

View from the room balcony.

Me and Pa on the way to Monaco. The view was spectacular.

As stated above. [Spectacular] Dad and me infront of the fountain at Monte Carlo.

The view of the monte carlo casino.

Yatch park [Where you park your yatch's] haha

French architecture... [special and unique]

Blogger wouldn't allow me to load anymore. dang! you'll just have to look at them at Facebook and Friendster.

Moving on.... So... after my trip i got back and it was Ebby's Birthday (no pictures there) and then on saturday night it was the 'we don't need no education' party at Ash View. The party was fun.. not a lot of people hence it was a good party. haha. the last time we were there it was soooo packed... like sardines in a can. [seriously].

Then i went to watch a movie on Sunday [Sunday routine every week] with pinky and isabel, we watched pathology [Milo is sooooo hot! but the movie line was really sick haha however the movie was good. well at least i thought so!]. So its Wednesday early morning, and i'll probably continue watching Sex and the City season six the final one... and head to bed when im tired.. tomorrow i've got to get started on my assignment (presentation with junie) for monday.. I've got another individual assignment after that and the exam for corporate relations then im done with my university life. seems fast how time flies... in a few months i'll be working already. gosh. getting old. haha.

Well i'll end here. the next update will be about the party at Ash View and until then... stay tuned.

Love, Sabrina

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