Sunday, 27 April 2008

Brush of luck

So when i was Nice. I had this extraordinary experience. Read on to find out more.

Dad and his colleagues rented a car and decided to drive to Monaco. So we got into the car and there was a funny smell, it smelt like there was rotten fish in the car or something. So we decided to open the window for some fresh air. The uncle driving the car was an experienced driver but he had troubles with the manual car. And with the traffic you know its hard to maintain the clutch, especially when it was up the hill as well. So.. we stopped at the side as we thought there was something wrong with the clutch as it got really smelly. They took a look at the front and another uncle took over to drive. So they drove drove drove till the uncle went 'gear tak boleh masuk lah!' (the gear cannot get into the right gear), and he stopped at the side, we all got out and they called the emergency hotline for the company.

As you know, we were in France, and all they spoke was French, so there was a problem in communicating there. (while this was going on i took the advantage to pull out Pinky's camera (really high tech and amazing camera) and snap away at the beautiful scenery i was getting. and then... in the background (the colour of vapor coming out is clear..... now its white..... now its a bit dark... and now there is fire)... i was like WOOT?! see the car freak out! it was burning... the car was burning........... imagine that?!

So the police came, fire engine came...
police (French) : who is? who is?
uncle: I am I am...
Police: can i have your passport and telephone number *writes it down* okay so what happen? Uncle tells everything
Police: okay then, the agency will send you a taxi to get another car.
We go huh? you serious thats all we need to do?
Police: yea just fill in this form for insurance (coz the fire burnt down this motocycle next to it as well.... but the owner was really joyful and happy i think coz he can get a new bike! haha)

Soooo.. we return to the agency office (Hertz a well known car rental company for your information) and they go okay you need to fill in this form. on the form *car trouble due to please tick, (there were a couple of suggestions this two was due to our factor)
one: car over heated,
two: car caught on fire!...
i was laughing my head off! hahahahhahaha can you imagine that? they have that option which tells us all that it often happens in France. hahaha. crazy people. So yea anyway that's my story... i've got some pictures for you as well. Enjoy.

Car Brand model : Opal.

Right then.... im off to continue doing my presentation.. gotta do cue cards now. then off to Edu's bday party... oh ya.. i went to this OK Karaoke Bar last night it was alright drinks were pricey tho.. haha. alright thats about it.

till the next time. stay tuned.

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