Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tomorrow it's all over. Time Flies Fast!

HEy just a short update before i return to my studying. haha.

Just wanna tell you peeps that after tomorrow there will be no more education in my life. unless i want to do a masters.. but i very much doubt so. Tomorrow night gonna have a relaxing dinner at Akbar's... first time im trying that place out.. should be good with all the reviews it got. Then a night of party in Bar Risa.

We're going to have a bbq on the 22nd and then we are off to Dublin on the 23rd! WHoopieee and the Leeds Summer Ball on the 30th.. which reminds me i have to go get my dress! Then its gonna be a lil boring after that as Pinky, Aliaa, Meh, and Sham are all not going to be in Leeds. First three are going back to Malaysia and Sham is going to London.. sigh.. but its okay.. i still have Cristina, Maite, Nagore and Paula.. haha if they dont go back to Spain yet!

Well i'll have them till the middle of june.. then i'll be alone from mid june to july 6th.. that's when i have to move out... head to manchester... till my sister comes on the 12th and parents on the 18th! Whoopiee!

Okayy... i think thats all for now have to concentrate back on my studying.

Take Care

Love Sabrina. xxx

Im just like the woman....

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