Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gothic Whitby

Few weekends ago i went to Whitby with Pinky.. it was a good town to visit.. loads of places to see in just a day you can cover them all.. while of course having the World's Best Fish&Chips (Magpie's) and enjoying the toffee, chocolate and fudge. While visiting the north Yorkshire coast.... we got to see Whitby town, hole of Harlem, and Goathland (where harry potter Hogsmeade station was filmed in the first potter film).

The only sucky part was that it was bad weather.. other than that it was Great!

Lets give you a bit more information about Whitby then.. taken from Wikipedia of course. haha.

is a historic town in North Yorkshire on the north-east coast of England. Nowadays it is a fishing port and tourist destination.
Saxon Whitby

In about 657, Oswiu or Oswy, the Christian king of Northumbria, fulfilled a vow by founding a monastery there.

Late Medieval and Tudor period

According to Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary (1822) and Baine's Directory of the County of York (1823), even up to the reign of Elizabeth I Whitby was little more than a small fishing port. In 1540, it had consisted of only around twenty to thirty houses and had a population of about two hundred inhabitants. In that year Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, including Whitby Abbey.

Errr... there is more.. just go to and type in Whitby and you'll get all this. haha.

Anyway.. moving on to the pictures we took there were TONS! here are a few.

Abbey Whitby The docks.

Me and The abbey Pinky and me


Me and Pinky

Me and the hole of harlem.Me and Goathland (where they filmed Harry Potter)

That's it for now... take care all..

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