Thursday, 29 May 2008


Its Wednesday.. Summer Ball is on Friday! i cannot wait! its gonna be awesome! Aliaa is leaving on that day as well so summer ball will cheer me up i guess.. And then the following day Elia and my 'housie' is going back then sham the next day... this weekend is not going to be a good one for me.. its a weekend of tears!

It's cool though.. i don't believe in the word 'Goodbye' but only 'see you again!' =) Anyway.. its a phase in life i would have to face eventually.... just wished it was not that soon!

Anyway.. Tonight its students night out! We're heading to GateCrashers again... The club is pretty amazing... i mean... it plays good music and has a great atmosphere... thus great night out ahead! Cant wait.. it would be the last time with everyone present i guess.

Moving on.. here are the pictures from the Barbeque we had last Thursday.. i love all the pictures.. Have a great look at them and enjoy!


Aydin our bbq professional

the fire.

the drinks.

the food.

Sabrina, Elia, Sham and JunieFire Fire

Natalia and Me.

hafiz and me.

group pic-girls only

girls with aydin and hafiz.

malaysians in the house!

Jason and I

Me and Aless

Rinu and I

Malaysian girls at kirkstall. me and namita

HAhahahhaa... i took this picture!

Sham. Hafiz and I.

alright thats about it. hope you enjoyed it.
Till the next update stay tuned!
Love Sabrina.

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