Monday, 19 May 2008

Weather in Leeds...

British weather is unpredictable... i mean... just 2 weeks ago the weather was at 23 degrees or 25 degrees.... people though ahhh... summer is in the air... unfortunately last week... it drop till 11-12 degrees? is it..... summer then spring in the U.K? hahaha. So 2 weeks ago we were all out on the grass enjoying the sun.... and last week we were all wrapped up... and this week ? i dont know what is in store. but hopefully good weather... as we are having a BBQ on Thursday!

Uni life at this moment is over for me... just waiting for the results and my certificate.... hope i did well... wish i did well... pray for me people, please.. So for now until August... i am FREE!

Im going to Dublin on Friday!! WOOPPIEEEE!! Im sooooo excited! haha.

Anyway.. i have only a few pictures of us on the grass the other day. Oh ya ! we had a picnic as well a few weeks back.. i'll post some of those pictures too! And i've cut my hair! haha.

Err these pictures is just of us sitting in the garden..
Enjoy -pictures were taken by Pinky-

Alright.. im gonna stop here. expect an update soon!

Love Sabrina

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