Sunday, 4 May 2008

We Don't Need No Education

Here's an update on the School Night Party.

Point form explanation
  • It was a fun party.. most people were dressed like school kids and most people just wore normal clothes.
  • Pinky's drink was not nice... hahaha.. it really tasted bad....
  • Was fun after awhile of not being out of Kirkstall to party...
  • Wasn't as packed as the 3 Ash View before..
  • Overall... good and fun party with wonderful mates.
Thats it about the explanation.... I'm done with all my assignments now... woppee! just got an exam on the 16th and im done with my education! haha.. sounds cool.. but im sooo sad.. coz wont get to have as much fun as i have been having. =( ah well.. its a process of life that i have to take on..

Anyway... enjoy the pictures!

Getting ready

Pinky and I

Soooo hardworking..

Pinky Leong.. what are you reading?

Maite- Cristina-Pinky-Natalia

Cristina and IMe - Cris- Maite

Pinky and I again

Maite and I

That was the face i pulled after i had a mouth of pinky's drink..

They were offering me more... me saying no...Cris Me and Maite

School girl..
Align Centre
Maite Me Cristina Pinky Cristina Cristina (yess... THREE cristina's in this picture)

I always end up getting kissed by someone.. hahaPinky, Jim, Me and Michael

Our professor.. Charlie

Pablo caught us in the act (this was not asked to do.. he seriously just caught us like that... thats why its soooooo funny)

Cristina's pose.. me and pinky follow.

Sabrina Pinky MaiteMichael, Cristina, Bjoern and Me.

Cristina, Josito, Jim, Me, and pinky.


group pic...

Josito got wasted... haha
Kay.. thats it for now.. stay tuned..

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