Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Eagle Island 2010

Had tons of fun over the three days spent with the inaian's! Should have bought more booze tho. damn it .... haha. Customs really didn't check bags AT ALL!

2010 has come... New Year.... New Me? Let's hope that happens ey? Pray for me peeps..
I've really not got new years resolutions.... damn.. shld i be making any? haha. Maybe.

It's Sunday today... And boy is it a lazy 1. haha. Heading over to Petaling Street and then dinner and movie with the girls. =)

I hope to meet up with my Leeds Met mates soon... Yesterday our meet up had to be postponed.. so hopefully our next meet up won't be 6 months away! I'll try to get them together for next Saturday instead... hehe.

Anyway... Enjoy the pictures.. It is not in sequence!

Nicole-Sabrina-Siew Hui (sunset at the beach, having thai food)

Took this at the jetty.... this is my fav.picture that i took.

Paddle Paddle Paddle! (awesome workout man)

Jit Liang and Poh Len on the paddle boat.

Siew Hui at the Lake

Jit Liang-Poh Len- Zhen Jie @ the Lake

Zhen Jie and Siew Hui on the boat during Island Hopping!

Poh Len and Sabrina

Zhen and the Ladies. =)

The Damage of the holiday- ahahaha

Jit Liang-Zhen Jie-Poh Len- Siew Hui

We attempted to head up to the 7 wells but got really tired... so we detoured at the Waterfall.

Welcome to Langkawi!

Before Take off! Siew Hui and Sabrina

Zhen Jie reading while waiting

Zhen took this with his AWESOME camera

The five of us.

And again.. Zhen's awesome skills.

I didn't know this picture was being taken!

Ride to doom?

Group Shot!

Some scary shit.

The three ladies.

The Waterfall

Sunset on the beach!

Time for bed.. peace out! xoxo

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