Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saturday - 23/01/2010

Its been early mornings during this weekend. Maybe i'm a bit stuck on the time i wake up for work from Monday-Friday now... urghh. i think that won't be the case for next Sunday tho.. hahaha. time to partay! after awhile... The last time i went out 'clubbing' not drinking was probably back in November? Can't wait!

As mentioned, yesterday morning was spent having breakfast with Aliaa and Elia... enjoying the moments spent together back in Leeds and plans for having a road trip soon. Nothing is better than having a road trip with your mates and chillaxing to musac all the way.

Discussed over breakfast was also what we are currently doing with our lives... it was a practical catch-up... a catch-up i hope will not last till the next 6 months again. haha. we tend to not meet up very often for some reason. Never the less. it was great, fun and memorable.

The Three of us - Aliaa, Elia and Me.

Aliaa and I

Me and Elia.

It's been such a lazy Sunday... and i seriously need to get cracking at my room right now.. as it is an absolute mess!

I'll catch up soon with more updates! till then. take care peeps! and Happy Sunday! xoxo

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aLiaa said...

i also hope the trip will go on as planned:)