Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hanging out with College mates.

Kenix, Nat and I met up for a catch up and hanging out session yesterday. We talked about work, gossiped about people and most of all I felt blessed to have such great friends.

Every now and then, we've got to cherish those friends that want to keep in contact no matter how busy your schedule is.. you just find the point to make time for such great friends. I'm talking about all my friends... so... you guys know who you are... and know that you're always treasured and hold 'that' special part of my heart.

Moving on... Last night was alright. but i think.. I'll be taking a break from Clubbing now. I don't know. somehow i just don't enjoy it as much as i use to. Is it the age? gosh.. am i really... getting old?

Waking up early today was a bitch. haha. that's what you get i guess for planning a clubbing night the day before you have to work. pfft. never again. I need my beauty sleep!

In other news, my sis comes home for CNY in another 12 days. This year's is gonna be gud. =) Let's hope?

Can't believe another weekend has gone by already. man... its the end of January already! Let's hope February will be a good month!

Have a GREAT week all.

take care and goodnite!

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