Saturday, 23 January 2010

Finally it works!

Yay! finally it works.. i was able to upload some pictures of what happened in January.

Just got home from a fun day with Aliaa and Elia (starting off with brekkie @ Old Town) and then Redbox session with Wei Wei and Stephy. Now.. i just wanna carry on with my 'Lie to Me' Series.. which i obsolutely am addicted to at the moment!

In the meantime. enjoy the pictures. once i get the pictures from today i will upload them...

Me and Steph. M. at Flamming steamboat, SunwayKak Siti... sharing the gossips with us! =)

Do i look like a nerd?

Me and Charmaine at Nando's One Utama. (she gave me my very belated birthday lunch)

hehe =)

Till the next post! chillax everybody and have a great Saturday nite! =) xoxo

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