Saturday, 16 January 2010

My 22nd Birthday and New Years

My birthday was celebrated -not extravagantly but never the less it was celebrated with my mates... and i'm happy that i have such great friends. =) As my birthday is really close to welcoming 2010... this will be a combined post. Enjoy the pictures.. and THANKS to all that wished me and celebrated with me. Words can't express how much i appreciated it.

Birthday Cards i've received this year!

Birthday @ the Office

Bracelet from the colleagues

Colleagues - June, Jin Foong and Me.
Harbour Steamboat with the family

Me and my bro.
My parents.My cake.

Me and Wei Wei at Redbox. =)
Christmas and Birthday Celebration with David and BennyMy presents from the boys!
Benny with his presents
David with his presents

Me and David with our presents!
Benny with the milk tea you get free on your birthday!
Trying some. haha
Birthday girl serves her guest. haha
The three of us! =)New years with the parents - Genting 2010

Pa and Me.
Chillin' at Starbucks is the thing i first do in 2010. haha
With Jess at Nando'sMille and Jess

Mille and I
Laundry @ night. Me, Kenix and Nat. =)
Me and Nat. =D
The damage that night.Me, Kenix and Nat @ Laundry 02/01/2010

@ Syabu Syabu with Wei Wei and Stephy.
The view from the restaurantStephy and I

Chop Chop! Thanks darlings for the brownie! =)

The three of us. =)
Birthday cards that arrived later on.. Thank you Pinky and Aydin.. it really brightened up my day that you guys still think about me. hehe.
That's it folks! have a great Saturday ahead!

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