Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A change in the working life.

Tomorrow marks a change in my working life. I'm anxious and excited at the same time. Let's hope everything works out for the best ey? pray with me.
Was watching American Idol earlier... somehow at this point of the competition (top10) i still haven't found a person to actually like and support. That 'Lee' guy is pretty good though and that 'Crystal' gurl as well. Let's see who becomes the next American idol .. =)
Was browsing through 'New Look' site just now and some items caught my eye. particularly the below items =D
Lovin' these shoes.
This duffle bag is cute too!
I love the bow at the top. great to wear with leggings!

Most favorite of all... flower print!

I found this amazing picture of Paree in black and white off google images.
One day... i will visit you.

So yeah peeps.. pray that i will have a good day at work tomorrow please!! It's another 1 and a half days till we drive off to Kelantan for the weekend.
And.. I wish you a happy Thursday!

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