Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CNY @ Ipoh-Genting

So this was a spontaneous rushed trip.

Sooo.. we started our journey from KL at about 4pm? Coz i just got back from KB at 3pm? haha. Yea i was tired... anyway.. we started off and reached ipoh about 6pm... checked in and headed for dinner with Nick and his friends.

Met up with Mun, Meimei, Fai, Allan and Khar Fye after that and we wanted to go into this club.. but they said it was packed... can you imagine? Ipoh Club turning away customers. haha. cool... so what we did was got some booze and headed back to the hotel room - we ended the night doing silly things and having a good time.

The next day... i went to visit my friends in ipoh and headed up to genting. BOY the jam wassssssssss soooooooo bad..... Kevin and Fai joined us at Genting too...

Anyway that's my whole story of the trip.. have fun looking at the pictures.


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