Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Road Trip Getaway - Destination: Singapore. Part 2

Let's continue about our awesome roadtrip down to singapore in feb2011. 

So after going to bed at 6AM (someone was too drunk to walk up the stairs) we woke up at 10.30am for some apparent reason and decided that we were hungry. haha. So we got everyone up and forced persuaded them to take us for an early lunch a.k.a brunch. but ended up after we dilly dally also turned out to be lunch time anyway. 

After which, we went to ION for some retail therapy.. about 3pm we were practically dragging ourselves in the shopping mall eager to head back to the house for a nap before the crazy night out. 

We headed to this place called Dempsey Hill.... this really nice 'village' of restaurants located in one area. We will definitely be making a trip back to this village. We also want to try out 'White Rabbit' which is a restaurant within a chapel! can you imagine? So.. this time around we went to this restaurant called 'Barracks'... the food there wasn't that bad at all. 

We ended the night at a dim sum joint after heading to Singapore Zouk for the night out. (Will never ever go to zouk sg ever again... it sucks big time). 

Enjoy the 'few' pictures i have.


Happy Wednesday peeps. xoxo

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