Saturday, 12 March 2011

Road Trip Getaway - Destination: Singapore.

I've always liked going to Singapore for visits and such.. but getting to know more friends there now is way much better. haha. I foresee much more visits to Singapore in 2011.

Day 1:
So basically this time round we made it a roadtrip.. we took off from KL at about 3pm.. and got to Kluang, Johor at 4.30pm. Yea i know.. a bit too fast. but oh well. We had dinner about 5.30 and left Kluang at 7.30pm. Reached Singapore about 9pm.. Unpacked, got changed, headed to Clark quay for some drinks. However, due to being slightly tipsy from BEER we ended the night at a club. Officially wei was wasted in Singapore for the first time.

So here goes, the pictures. Do enjoy.

Happy Saturday Peeps! 

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