Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Special Day once again..

Today marks another special day for the Foo Family.. Today... is my daddy's birthday. unfortunately.. my dad ain't in KL for me to celebrate with him. He's off on a family trip to macau for his birthday.. and shall be back on Friday morning. So we will be celebrating after he returns. 

My dad has an exceptionally hard to understand attitude on things... being a dad he has taken on the role to support three of his children through private school, college and university abroad. Being our dad he has pushed each and every single one of us to strive and become who we are today.

He isn't just a dad but also a granddad, a Kong Kong, a grandpa... 

Just wanted to say... thanks dad for being you... do take care and enjoy life to the max now. relax and take it easy. Happy Birthday Pa! 

Your daughter always

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