Sunday, 3 June 2007

Back home in Malaysia

Hiya all...

Just landed a few hours ago and i'm feeling alright just a bit tired. The flight was alright, i manage to get in a few hours of sleep. i'm on the laptop now as my CPU has a problem, kinda sad coz i won't be able to load the pics till the CPU is done. lol.. So hurry up kho!! Do it! haha you know i love you. *like he even reads my blog?*

It's been a few hours and i'm already missing England, the atmosphere, the people but all is good.. i'm back to the Malaysian weather and FOOD! Yay! anyone up for a dinner? haha.

I want to watch some movies that are recently out as well. On my list are : POTC, Shrek, Ocean 13 erm.... i think that's it for now.

I won't be blogging about the wedding and night at Greg's place anytime soon.. but i will do it as soon as my CPU is fixed. I took hell alot of pics in England.. in total about 749.. haha. i know it's not alot.. =D

Okey dookey.. i think i'll be off now.

Take care everybody.. leave a comment or two please..

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