Friday, 19 March 2010

Do you see the difference?

For some strange reason.. i dreamt of you again last night... I'm just not gonna care about what my mind is thinking of at this moment and carry on with life as if i never did dream of you.

Moving on.. I was actually suppose to be in Singapore this weekend.. but unfortunately Kevin is in Japan.. soooo.. according to Nick it is better if Kevin was in Singapore when i came.. for some bazaar reason. Anywayz... i am totally broke to even go. haha.

Next month.. or the month after depending...

Remember i posted last week that I'll be trying to make the strawberry crumble bars? I did.. it wasn't as successful as i hoped it would be.. but... i tried.. i think it was too soft in the end. Never the less my guinea pigs thought it was nice! =)
not that appetizing ey?


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