Sunday, 21 March 2010

Saturday Bliss.

Saturday started off with cleaning the room... it still.. needs some tweaking.. I'm gonna try one of the projects today... See how it turns out... will keep you posted on that.

Headed to Shaw Parade (Just behind times square) for Mille's Play entitled 'Snow White: Chapter 15' - it was a good play.. i really enjoyed it. =) picca's will be up soon.. once i get it.

After that...... i went to redbox with the babes.... we had tons of fun... sang our hearts out from 7pm-12am... 5 hours... of non stop singing... We shall do it again sometime.

Kay.. its just a short post... Hope tomorrow is a good old.... Lazy Sunday... =) For all you peeps out there.. here's wishing you a HAPPY SUNDAY!


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