Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jolly Tuesdays?

My car goes for its service tomorrow. Good thing about dad being retired? he can send the car in for me! hahaha. So.. yeap.. i will be driving me mum's car to work tomorrow.

Lets move on to what happened today.... well... being in the working life... i worked. haha. It is Kak Siti's last day tomorrow. So we all went out for lunch with her today. Tomorrow we're gonna celebrate Stephanie's and June's birthdays. Steph's was on Sunday and June's was today. So double celebration!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday! even though mine was messed up with loads of A4 papers!

oh P.S i found this picture... Is this happening in your homes as well? hahahaha.

And wei.... I love this too!!!
xoxo happy Wednesday peeps!

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