Thursday, 18 March 2010

dreamt of you.

Today.. i dreamt of you.. which is weird... coz... well... you're just a friend to me..... but i dreamt of you being more than that. urgh. What does this mean? Does it mean something? Am i having feelings for you ... hahaha.

sorry readers... it's just a rant as usual... The internet at home.. works today.... weird. Can't get my hopes up tho.. coz streamyx is a cow.

celebrated daddy's birthday this week. we went out for dinner followed by presents and a cake. He retires this year... hope he can enjoy to the fullest now after many years of working life.

It's soooo terribly hot that i have a craving for ice-cream now. urgh... soon Sabrina sooon.. you can have it. Look at this........ everything chocolate BUT the ice-cream.

Honey and Whiskey Ice Cream on a Chocolate Cup with Caramello topping!
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Wei's said...

I wonder who? Please speill the details tomorrow =P Please send my birthday wishes to your dad yar.. =D And I'm craving for ice cream too.. =( Maybe a round of BSC before Red Box?

Sabrina said...

woo.. sorry babez... just read your msg... sigh.. could have gone in the morning. =) nevermind.. we make plans soon kay? see you at Redbox tonight!