Friday, 5 March 2010

Just a little bit.

When you was in college or uni... did you really care for Friday's? I sure didn't as classes were only like twice a week however, as i come into the working life... Friday's seem like heaven to me. Haha. or even.. public holidays on a friday or monday. which means only one thang LONG WEEKEND! Whoop!
So let me just say one thing... Thank Goodness it's Friday. =)
This weekend I'm gonna be a Lawyer... I have some legal documents to look over for work. Urgh. Should you think you are able to help me.. do drop by for a cuppa.
Fun filled weekend ahead:::
Tonight: Steamboat with the girls n mayb drinks after. =)
Sat Night: Redbox with the family to celebrate Bro's birthday today.
Sunday: Alice in Wonderland (Smacking into my face 3D Style!) hehe.
That sums up my weekend.. what about yours?

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