Monday, 20 June 2011

Dinner with the girls.

It had been awhile since we last met up.. and it was long overdue to do so. So we decided heck! lets meet up today.

The venue of dinner plans was at TTDI however, being the early person i am i went there and noticed the restaurant was already closed. So i quickly rang up Elaine and told her. We then decided to head over to the Curve instead seeing that it was the only place where there was a variety of food and closest to where i was. haha. 

Anyway. we decided on Tony Roma's, now i know most have you have probably already been to Tony's - unfortunately for me... I was a virgin to this place. hehe. Anyway the food... was what i heard - fantastic. 2 thumbs up! =) 

Enjoy the piccasss..

New haircut. 

With Elaine

 Ice Lemon Tea

Chocolate Lava... Sooooo Sinful

Prawn Cocktail.

Ahhh. the ribs. 

Loving the feature wall. =) 

Elaine and Hui

Hui and Me

Most sinful food ever. 

And now.. it's off to bed! Happy Tuesday peeps! 


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