Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hong Kong babeyyyy!!

Hello Hello!!! I know you've all been waiting for this... so here goess!! Get ready for a long post. coz i'll be doing all 4Days3nights in a single post. Picking the best photoss to share. if you wanna see the rest of the pictures. please visit  my facebook page. =)

Day 1

We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in the afternoon and rushed off to the taxi stand to get to Holiday Inn, Nathan Road. Once checked in... we dumped the bags in the hotel room and headed out to Central for some Wan Tan Noodles!!

We not only had that.. but a lot more food that day... we walked the whole of central.. till our feet felt they gave up on us by after dinner time... I thought to myself.. "you gotta be kidding me how could my brain be still able to tell my feet to move." haha. Well we crashed that night hard and woke at 9am to get some food into our tummies once again. Let me put the pictures up of Day 1 first.. and continue with Day 2


Sorry peeps.. i know i said i'll do it in one post. but the internet is being a beehatch today. so i'll have to continue tmr. 

Have a great Saturday night peeps! I'm off to a wedding dinner! 


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