Thursday, 2 June 2011

Something Different.

Dear Readers.. gonna skew off my usual updates today. Much apologies for the randomness post. 

I was reading some blogs online and decided to come up with my own letter to a certain someone.. he may know who i am talking about.. but i doubt he reads my blog as often... 

So here goes.. 

Thanks for being hard on me. For breaking my heart. For making me feel like a fool. For making feel ugly and for making me stronger, wiser and smarter. 

It has been a few months now after the whole big drama at the beginning of the year and i am safe to say that i'm a different person moving on. I use to blame you for making me feel/action certain ways about certain feelings that I develop for other guys... but now.. I thank you. I thank you for making me stronger.. know that i do not HATE you.. I do not despise you.. I utterly still love you and you would hold that certain special spot in my heart.. but know.. that you are now a mere friend to me and that the feeling will never develop to anything else. 

P.S thanks once again and yeah. i miss you too. 


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