Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hong Kong babeyyyy!! Continued.

Alright.. as promised here is my second post on our Hong Kong Trip!

Day 2

We got up and headed for some Hongkong brekkie and then explored TST for a bit before heading back to the hotel to meet up with the rest for some roast goose @ central. We went to this place called Yun Kee... the food... is AMAZING. After lunch we walked around central a bit.. taking some architecture pictures here and there.

In the evening, we headed to a fishing village (abt 45 mins away from Hong Kong) the seafood there was awesomeee... 

That night, we met up with some of my cousin's friends and they showed us how to party in Hong Kong! it was utterly crazyyyy... It was the first ever night that i got soooo drunk i passed out.. @_@ never to be repeated again. Enjoy the pictures! 


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