Monday, 20 June 2011

Karaoke Lunch for the boss.

So it was the big boss birthday in May and we (Corp. Marketing - all 11 of us) decided to bring her to sing k. She was always talking about doing a dept karaoke session - what better way of doing it for her birthday? =)

We took her to Neway, Puchong coz well it's the closest to Lakeside. She was sooo surprised and happy that we decided to celebrate her birthday there instead of a normal restaurant. hehe.

Overall the karaoke session wasn't all that bad actually. There were some who didnt sing though! haha. Anywayz.... enjoy the pictures. =)

Boss with her cake (she loved it, we all did) 
 The strawberry garden cake from RT
 The whole corporate marketing team. Spot the thorn among the roses. =) 

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